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Digha is a beach town famous for its hard and flat beaches. It is located in the state of West Bengal, in India. The charming sea is quiet and shallow, which makes it safe for swimming. Hence, a large number of tourists are drawn to this place. How to reach Digha should not be a question in your mind as West Bengal provides good local transport facility.

Digha is a wonderful option for excursion from Kolkata, as it just around 5 hours travel from Kolkata. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is the nearest airport to Digha, which is located at Kolkata. This airport is not only connected to the major cities of India but also various international cities. There are daily trains from Shalimar railway station to Digha. There are even few trains from Howrah station. Sometimes special trains are also announced on the holidays and special occasions.

Road transport is even convenient as there is a regular bus service between Kolkata and Digha, which solves the problem of how to reach Digha. The town has government owned buses as well as private buses that ply from Digha to various other places. There are three routes which are used to reach Digha. One route from Kolkata to Digha is via Howrah, Mechheda, Norghat, Contai and Ramnagar. Other route is also from Kolkata to Digha but via Deulti, Kolaghat and Kharagpur. The last route is from Tarakeshwar to Digha via Harinkhola, Arambag, Vishnupur and Kharagpur. You can even hire a tourist cab or even a car from Kolkata to reach Digha. But enquiry about the rent is necessary before hiring a vehicle.

The various modes of transport offered by the state of West Bengal will never make you face a problem of how to reach Digha. Tourists can have a comfortable journey to Digha using these transport facilities.

How To Reach:
As the Matangini Setu is built at Norghat across the Haldi river, the distance of the Kolkata-Digha route has lessened to 174 km. From the Shahid Minar in Kolkata at 6.15 am, 6.45 am, 7.45 am, 8.45 am, 9.00 am, 10.15 am, 11.00 am, 12.00 pm, 1.00 pm, 2.00 pm, 2.30 pm, 4.15 pm and 4.30 p.m, from Dum Dum 7.00 am., from Dunlop 6.30 am, 7.30 am. and Garia 4.15 am., 4.30 am., 5.00 am., 5.45 am., 6.15 am., 7.00 am. and 8.30 am. CSTC buses leave and reach Digha in 5-6 hours. The fare is Rs. 80-90 only. Besides, the train route is available as the Howrah - Digh train departures from Howrah station everyday at 6.45 AM. It is only 5 hrs. distance from Kolkata by train journey.

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